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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Triviality Endured

Tuesday night - after work, ugh - I went to Chapters here in Halifax for a interview and book signing with Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series. Her latest book 'An Echo in the Bone' was just released and she graced Nova Scotians by including us in her book tour!!! The placed was packed, the line was long, and Starbucks closed before I made it to Diana.... but it was all worth it! I got my spanking new installment of the series signed by one of my favorite authors.

I was fortunate to have meet up with my cousins Pam and daughter Jah Sara upon entering the bookstore-come-mad house. It certainly made the 2 hour line up fly by. Really! It only felt like an hour and a half, at the most. I'm not sure that the highlight of the night was actually meeting Diana Gabaldon. Pam was more than captivating, particularly when the notice came over the intercom that the cash would be closing in 15 minutes and I had yet to actually pay for my book. In an attempt to move me along, Pam brilliantly utilized the titles of the surounding books to communicate the impending need for speed. You really had to be there to appreciate it, and I was fortunate to have been. Pam is a very special gal who shares my appreciation for both the bizzar and mundane. And Jah Sara was a delight, as always. We had a blast!

Unfortunately I am not yet free of my current book, 'A Widow for a Year' by John Irving. So alas, Jamie and I must delay our reunion until I am done with John. Sad, I know - but certainly not a literary sacrafice. I'm also a big fan of John Irving, and 'A Widow for a Year' - filled with practical insights cleverly delivered in the presence of a captivating story - does not disappoint. In true John Irving form, the story is delivered in such a way that you are hauled right into the middle of the character's lives, be them as such. I particularly like the following installment:
"The stained pool was now as unsightly as a shallow birdbath in which a hundred bats had drowned" p. 122

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Pam said...

Thank you for the praise dear cousin Andrea! The time would not have passed so quickly for me either had it not been for the perfect audience in which to perform for, that being you. Of course, one of the other highlights of the evening is when the pregnant lady ahead of us, who is due NOW, announced that she was thinking of pulling the plug. I begged her not to pull the plug right there in the line up although if she did, she may be able to use that to her advantage and get at the front of the line to get her book signed before leaving. She thought it could be a good idea too but thought the better of it and decided not to pull the plug after all. I was quite relieved, I certainly didn't want her to be able to get to the front ahead of all the others, I didn't have any good ideas about how to accomplish that for myself therefore, I would have been very jealous!


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