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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Roots :: Backspacers

I've been working a lot of consecutive nights lately.  Consequently, I am still awake and have no desire to sleep like the rest of my family who are all blissfully dreaming.  Instead, I am cruising the blogosphere to see what friends are doing, moving things around on my computer and looking at old pictures.  Alas, at the hight of my mental stamina I decided that I would like to share some of these with you. Luckeee.  

Shortly after my daughter was born I took the time - in true obsessive Andrea style - to scan all of the childhood snapshots I could get my hands on in a effort at preservation.  Many of us have endless albums cataloging our lives, from horrible Eighties hair to terrible "blowing out the candles" pictures - that we simply can't bear the thought of living without. 

And year after year, we see the deterioration that time has reaped on these treasures.  A quick Google search lead me to this useful page which helped me to understand the organics of photograph deterioration.

I must say, however, that I love the charm that is ultimately achieved by the varying degrees of photo deterioration.  Pictures are meant to capture memories and memories are, by their very nature, hazy.  Isn't it reasonable, then, that these memory-snapshots also aquire some degree of haze over time?  A time travel-esque imprint?  Should we require that snapshots never change?  That they remain crisp and acurate?  Some people likely think so.  I, evidently do not. 

Consider, if you will, the abundance of image editing software that is on the market, many of which feature photo aging effects such as sepia tone and noise filtering.  The following is a picture of my daughter who, despite what this poorly altered photo would have you believe, was born in 2006.

 Of course, it needs to be said that much is left up to the photographer.  In the below picture, Mom was obviously very focused on capturing the momentous occasion that was my first day of school

In case you missed it, Sonia is also in this picture. Sadly, this is but one of many such pictures. Hmm, maybe this is where the severed-limb doll references all sprout from...

Mostly, I just love looking at old pictures and remembering good times.  Corny, I know.

Our beautiful 'little' sister, Amy.  Oh, and her friend...

Dad and Ames at Nan and Pop's.  Robinsons, Newfoundland ~ 1988.

Me and Sonia on Fred's bike.  Robinsons, Newfoundland (early 1980's).

Me and Amy baking with Mom.  We always had the coolest aprons!

... and hairnets ...

Ultimately I am pleased that my zombie-like obsessivness goaded me to capture these memories digitally.  Otherwise, what else would I do on nights like these??   


Ali said...

These are just wonderful pictures! I have boxes of almost identical pics, this post has inspired me to get scanning!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks, Ali! Enjoy your scanning - it's so worth it. I have dozens of old B&Ws that our family has collected and shared on our family Facebook group and I just love looking at them. I'm a fool for nostalgia, what can I say?


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