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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Attending to that Messy Back Burner

I am pleased to say that our new Blog is nearly complete.  Yay!  It is always so satisfying to see the efforts of your labours come to fruition. 

Sonia and I have been waiting to hear back regarding the registration of our new business name, The Third Street Handmade Studio and are expecting to obtain full clearance by tomorrow morning.  Ultimately we will be phasing out our other Blog, Insane in the Vervain (which you can check out here), instituting The Third Street as our exclusive virtual creative sounding board. 

Next phase in our ventures will be to register The Third Street as a legitimate business.  So watch out, we're about to become liscenced and official.  I'll keep you posted on the progress so everyone can share in our adventure.  Not to worry - I'll be completely satisfied if you simply fain enthusiasm.  My cynical nature is entirely restricted to my written dialogue; I generally misinterpret reciprocated sarcasm as being complementary.  I'm a very simple girl.  You only have to create the illusion of excitement in your replies in order to make me happy.  So no pressure.

Also on our minds is the Halifax Crafter's December Market which we are hoping to participate in this Fall.

I'm also * slowly * getting around to blogging about our recent Vervain Fair.  Hopefully I'll get that ticked off my list today, as well.  We'll see!

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