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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hand-Frosted Third Street Doll

I recently had the pleasure of reuniting with a Third Street doll we sold at last winter's Acadia Winter Craft Expo here in Wolfville. This little doll is presently residing with her best friend Leah who takes her everywhere! Talking with her mom, I was so delighted to hear how much Leah loves her doll. We laughed over the Knuffle Bunny-esque prospect of a distressed midnight call proclaiming that a dolly was missing and a little girl was in dire need of an immediate replacement. Well, nervous laughter...

In August, Leah celebrated her first birthday and her mom was kind enough to share a photo of the special cake she made for Leah's big day.

How sweet is this??

We spend so much time bringing life to these little sweets. We have the luxury of evolving gorgeous bolts of fabric into unique dolls thriving with personality and character. Each doll means so much to us it's hard to see them go off into the world, so it is a great comfort to learn of their lives after they've left Third Street. Like so many of us who have made this move, Third Street dolls are filled with a love and happiness that is best shared with a friend. We are glad to see that this dolly shares that with Leah.  

Have a picture you'd like to share? We'd love to see it (and brag about it on the blog, permission pending). Email us if you're interested (link in the right sidebar).

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