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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Etcetera :: Pinterested?

So ... much of mine and Sonia's time of late has been sucked up into the black hole of Pinterest. If you've been to the Pinterest site before you know what I mean. If not ... congratulations! You are likely still amongst the living and in control of {some} of your faculties.

Once you've been to the Pinterest site - which of course you will be doing very shortly (after you've finished here, of course) you will understand.

Why just the other day, while enjoying a pinning binge during some stolen "free" time (read: as supper burned on the stove) I came upon this delightful pin.

After the flood of shame and remorse regarding all of the chores I was neglecting whilst pinning, I quickly brought up my Blogger account and spent some really productive time coming up with this post.

And why not? Supper was already ruined anyway...

So thank you Pinterest, for helping me regain my focus on what really matters. It's important for a girl to know - and address - her priorities before embarking upon the utterly self-indulgent task of sewing. Because we all know that like most crafters, she is making something for herself. You know, like a king-sized hand quilted paper-pieced quilt featuring mosaic gradients in the exact hues of her mother's bedroom set. Some people!

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Queen said...

I've kind of been stuck in the Pinterest vortex as well!!!


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