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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Could this be "The One"?

We are wrapping up the season with one doll remaining to be embroidered and two stockings left to assemble and embroider. Between that, middle-of-the-night vomiting, fevers, and croupy coughing, I've managed to do this: I bought a new sewing machine!!!!!
625E Sewist Series
After a very fulfilling visit to New Minus' Knit and Stitch, I have ordered this gorgeous 625E Sewist Series Janome!!! She has all of the modern features that I was hoping for ... speed control, needle up/down, foot pressure adjustments, extra high presser foot lift and she is GORGEOUS!!
I would like to thank Diane and Wayne of Knit and Stitch for all their support and patience this morning in helping me pick a machine that I think will be right for me - they were friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and I am so glad that I chose their shop for my purchase. Plus, Diane used to make dolls! This not only fostered some great conversation, but also made my sewing machine needs easier to explain. Bonus!

So as I spend my days and nights sleeplessly wiping noses, checking temperatures, changing beds and cleaning up vomit (sorry for the visual!) I have this little sweet to look forward to. Just think of all that restless time I can now spend daydreaming about future creative exploits upon which my new girl and I shall soon embark!!!

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