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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot and Steamy

Looking to add something a little steamy to your nightly routine?

Try this:
In a tall mug, combine two heaping  spoonfuls of powdered hot chocolate and milk filled to about 1/3.  (Ahem, I said HEAPING).  Stir briskly til it gets that frothy look going on.   

Place in microwave.  Cook on high for about two minutes.  This is the fun part: watch the mug as it spins in it's radiation inferno.  You will gradually see dark chocolaty swells rising from the depths.  Let it spin.  The swells will soon become unruly  and start spilling over the brim  in a series of thick syrupy rivulets.  Allow the splendor to continue until just before the streams of chocolate reach the tray - so as to avoid the formation of a need-to-clean-up-right-away wet spot.  This is a wet spot your inner desires may force you to rectify by desperately  licking the microwave tray clean - that part is up to you.

Now, ever so gently - your mug will likely be dangerously hot and sticky - remove the cup from the microwave.  Using your fingers, or tongue if it's not too hot,  devour the chocolate sticky spills from the outside walls of the cup, leaving the chocolate buildup that has accumulated around the brim for later pleasures. 

After stirring the  mixture very gently so as to loosen any hot sots in the fluid, and to strengthen the dissolving bond without disturbing the pool of gooey chocolate at the top, add some more milk to achieve the desired volume.  If need be, stic the mug back in the microwave for another 20-30 seconds.

Now you have a hot, decadent, steamy friend to enjoy the night with - complete with enough chocolaty goo coating the mug's brim to savor with each sip.  It may not last as long as you'd hope, and you may need to wash up a bit when you're all done, but I promise - it's worth it!!  You may find yourself wanting more each night.  I caution only this:  don't over do it.  No one wants a headache before going to bed - this may impede upon other hot and steamy nightcap deeds. 


Well, perhaps this is not exactly what you had in mind, but I assure you - it is extremly satisfying.


Jack said...

mmmmmmmmmm... I know what I will be enjoying tonight for a treat while in the tub.

Sounds delish! Can't wait :)

Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

Drop a Chai Tea bag in there and it's even better!


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