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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Market to Market and Custom Dolls

We now have one Dartmouth Farmer's Market under our belts.  Unfortunately, Saturday was a miserable, soggy-cold day in these parts which lead to a slow day at market.  All of the regular DFM vendors were quick to assure us that this was unusual and that such absurd market-goer behaviour could only be explained by the cruddy weather. 

Nevertheless, Sonia and I had a great time.  We haven't done a show since May and it was fun to be back.  We were pleased to see the fond reception with which our witches were received (unnecessarily overly complicated way of putting it...  Don't laugh, I do this for you.)  Plus we got to use the new display stand that Dad put together for us.  It worked great - thanks Dad!  I've decide to paint it a turquoise colour and hope to have this done before the next show.  

Speaking of shows, we are hoping to attend a few more Dartmouth Farmers Markets during the fall and leading up to Christmas.  These markets are held at Alderny Landing from 8am to 1pm every Saturday. 
Our next day at market will be October 30th.  Maybe we'll see you there?

In addition to the DFM, we will be participating in the Christmas Craft Village - a 3 day craft extravaganza which will be held at Exhibition Park on November 12-14.  I'll be talking more about this as the date draws closer, so stay tuned.

In the midst of preparing and participating in craft shows, we are presently working on an exciting slew of custom orders.  Most recently completed were these two dolls we made for my friends and co-workers, Imtiaz and Elena. 

Believe it or not, they are even cuter in person!

What do you think? 
Elena loved the dolls; when she took them out of their bag, she held the Elena doll beside her face and said, "It's me!" 
It is so thrilling when people get excited about or dolls!


Susan said...

Looks like we'll be missing each other at DFM, but we'll meet at exhibition park. Sorry to heard DFM wasn't too busy, but the weather definitely plays a big factor.

I'd love to see a pic of your new display!

The Dartmouth Handcrafters' Guild might have some tables left if you are looking for another show (send me a message on FB if interested).

Andrea on Third Street said...

Sonia has some pictures from Saturday she'll probably (nudge, nudge) post to the FB page. We have more plans for our set-up at the big show at Exhibition Park, too. I think for now we're going to stick with the market and the one big show, though.

hatjunkie said...

Don't worry, The Hubbard's market was also miserably slow last Saturday. Love the new dolls.


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