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Saturday, October 23, 2010

IWK Quilt Fair

Our favorite:
Blue Pickle by Heather Loney
The Mayflower Quilt Guild is presently holding their annual IWK Quilt Fair in conjunction with the Auxiliary of the IWK Health Centre.  This year the Quilt Fair features a silent auction, raffle quilt (draw Oct 23rd), craft table (including second hand quilting books and magazines at extremely reasonable prices) and an abundance of quilts on display and available for purchase.

The Quilt Fair is being held in the Parker Reception Room at the IWK Health Centre here in Halifax.  The event opened on October 21st and runs until this evening (10am - 5pm).  Proceeds from the show will be donated to the IWK Auxiliary, to better enable them in achieving their goal to supply items needed for the children, women, and families served by the IWK Health Centre.

Checking out the fish on the way to the quilt show
Sonia, myself and our two daughters stopped by for a visit Thursday evening, and I'll tell ya - these quilters have some seriously awesome quilts to show off!  We nabbed a few photos to share, as descriptions will not serve these crafty delights their due justice. 

Excellent work by all involved!!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

That last quilt is stunning! So different from the rest!


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