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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life skills

DreamGirl and I have been on our own this week, "sista's do'in it for ourselves" style.  My husband was called away to help with relief efforts after hurricane Igor in Newfoundland. Hats off to single parents who do this everyday, I'm exhausted.

So, I'm doing it all.  Every diaper change, preparing every meal, trying to remember to empty the green bin, walking the dog, cleaning up dog poop and baby poop, playing this little piggy, going to swimming lessons, entertaining family, hunting for monster boogies, doing the lock hold for first year needles, sewing with Andrea, eating left over M&M's, and I realized today... I don't know how to fold fitted sheets.  My Mother did, what I believe to be, a very good job preparing me for life as an adult, but I don't know how to fold fitted sheets.  How have I made it this far in my life with out this skill, no wonder my linen closet looks like such a disaster. 

I fear that this new realization may cause me to lose sleep, but then I did care for a one year old all day and I'm exhausted, I should really be in bed right now.  You know, the whole sleeping while she sleeps thing.  But here I am, thinking of the ill-folded sheets on my bed, taunting me, and waiting to be put away.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I don't know how to fold fitted sheets either. I just kind of try to get them in some semblance of a square and then smooth down the top. Works for me! But then, I don't mind wrinkles.

Andrea on Third Street said...

This is pretty much what I do, too. But for future reference, I think you can view instructional videos detailing proper fitted sheet folding on YouTube. Seems to me a while back a friend posted a series of these instructional videos on Facebook - time well spent! Also included were how to fold panties and how to fold bras. If you still can't sleep and clear your conscience of the travesties you're inflicting on your linen closet in the patriotic absence of your husband, why not waste some time on YouTube and check this out??

Andrea on Third Street said...

Because I'm sure you have lots of time on your hands to waste...

Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

I've decided, a neat linen closet is overrated.

Tawny said...

COMPLETELY overrated! :-)


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