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Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Quilt Revisited

So the quilt that I began last week has taken a direction all its own.  The pattern – remember the randomly unrandom reverse linear design I poorly described in the last post – has been abandoned, having failed to overcome the Andrea element impacting its assembly.  I’m not sure how I screwed this up, but screw it up I did. 

But optimism shall prevail!  I started out with an idea for a random patchwork design, and after over thinking the whole thing to such an extent as to eliminate any intended randomness (note to self: all randomness is lost when combined with over thinking), I have produced something even nicer than initially visualized. 

Plus I`ve changed my mind about going batting-free as the overall effect was more of a bulky sheet than a quilt.  But minus a few little insignificant alterations to the original plan, the quilt is coming to fruition. 

Here`s a little sneak peek of the quilt top to hold you over till the final product can be unveiled.  I`m sure you`re just as eagerly awaiting this reveal as yours truly.


 I just love the look of patchwork with the sun shining through!!

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