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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Quilt for a Hot and Humid Season

Things have been rather slow around here lately.  Hot, humid, and sticky.
Despite the heat, I felt inspired yesterday.  I started putting together a lap quilt for a little friend who will be celebrating her second birthday in August. 
For the quilt top I am using a variety of up-cycled cottons and linens plus some cotton scraps salvaged from past projects.  I’ve cut equal amounts of 6x6 squares and 3x6 rectangles and I plan to piece the fabrics randomly in a 1:1 linear pattern, with the pattern reversing on each line.  Does this make any sense?    
For the backing I am using a sweet puppy print flannel (because she loves doggies).  I plan to quilt the patchwork top directly to the flannel back (sans batting) for a lighter overall blanket. 
Perfect for snuggling with Mom for a story after a hot and humid summer day! 

I promise I’ll post pictures when the project reaches a more photogenic stage.

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