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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Life as a Series of Interrupted Procrastination

This past Christmas I received a subscription to Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine (formerly Body and Soul).  I've been lugging around each new issue in my work bag since January with full intentions of reading and enjoying them during some down time.  Since this has proven impossible, and at times laughable, I decided - upon opening the mail box to my shiny August issue earlier this week - to simply dive right in.
I'm generally not a magazine kind of girl.  I have a brain that is already busting with ideas, desires, and intentions - many of which, sadly, never amount to more than a passing comment.  I've often found that reading magazines just adds to the endless pressures to do more and be better in a world where I am struggling just to keep up.  I generally don't find magazines realistic and rarely do they speak to me in a way that is genuine and meaningful. 

I have a job, a family (a husband, two small kids, and one big dog), a part-time craft business, and a home to maintain (let alone "decorate").  Appointments.  Open-door bathroom 'breaks'Teething, boo boos and tears.  Frequent 1-800 pain-in-the-butt phone calls at inconvenient times.  After I've already picked-up-and-hung-up twiceRetirement planning, education savingsCarpe Diem.  Third world countries-with-hungry-children commercials, vampire TV shows and false advertising.  Interrupted procrastinationParking ticketsInappropriate daytime television. Censorship.  Dinner with familyFacebook.  Language barriers, literacy issues.  Realizing learning opportunities for my children.  Endless deadlines and due dates.  Countries declaring WAR over imposed tax laws on international business affairs.  StupidityGood manners.  Drug cartelsBullying.  Proper hand washingLost religion and broken morals.  He's not sharing.  Chronic fatigue.  Being green.  The usual endless laundry.  And about a million books I want to read, things I want to make, and experiences I want to have.  You know... a life.  However small and insignificant as it might be.

As I expect is normal, even reasonable in the world today, I am ever in search of a safe haven between reality induced depression and meaningful purpose.  Maybe I'm too much of a realist for magazines.  Who has time to examine repressed memories, experience the benefits of colon cleansing and choose soothing paint colours?   

That being said ... I rather enjoyed reading this magazine.  Yes, there are advertisements for colon cleansing, alpaca sales and holistic pet food.  And the models are all beautiful and fit even though they have articles about how 'it's what's on the inside that counts'.  But reading this magazine, I've found myself able to look past these one time deterring details so as to find an abundance of material that is thought-provoking and meaningful for my life.  Maybe I've grown and am better able to 'do what I can and accept what i can't.' 

This issue shares a lot on creative thinking and finding your own rhythm in life.  Cynical or not.  And this appeals to me.  I'll end with a few samples of what I found appealing in this issue taken from Whole Living's 10 Thoughts by Terri Trespicio.

* Daily chaos will never cease.  Rather than struggling against it, find your own rhythm.
* Head outside and move.  Nature invigorates the mind and the body.
* Don't wait for inspiration to strike.  Ignite your own creative fire.
* See your surroundings with fresh eyes.  The best way to find yourself is to discover where you are.
* Kick off your shoes, spread your toes, and ground yourself in the present.
* Rising to a physical challenge can make you feel powerful in every way.
(Whole Living, August 2010, page 87)

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