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Monday, January 25, 2010

Stat Counter Obsession

See that little number at the top of the page under the banner picture? That's our stat counter and the object of my latest obsession.

What is stat counter you ask, "A free yet reliable invisible web tracker." Andrea hooked it up to our blog when we got started and I'm just now discovering how it works. It's the coolest thing, it tells you how many return and unique visitors come to our blog everyday, where they're from, how long they stayed and much much more. My favorite part is the "recent visitor map", a map of the world with little pegs marking the location of our blog visitors. Most of our visitors are from Canada and the US, with our furthest visitors being from Brazil and Australia.

Blog culture is fascinating to me, and it's so exciting to know people from all over the world are seeing our dolls and reading our rants.

The top five regions that have visited our blog to date are:
1. Nova Scotia
2. Ontario
3. California
4. Utah
5. Virgina


Tawny said...

I'll take some of the credit for the Ontario visits :).

Jack said...

When I first started my blog, I was obsessed with my blog stats. I think I would check at least three - five times a week.
Google Analytics are the best!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks Jack, we'll check it out.

Tawny, as always, we love your visits!!


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