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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just another Random Topic of my Choice

So Christmas has come and gone, so I think we're safe to reveal a few of the special order dolls we did for Christmas.  Ta da!

Aren't they sweet?  We also did a doll for my friend Susan's daughter with her ringette team's uniform, however I am still trying to locate the pictures...  I'm pretty sure I took some...

As Sonia detailed in her last blog, we have big plans for the winter.  With the upcoming launch of our etsy store on the agenda, I've been scouring the craft scene for some new inspiration.  Today I went to the book store with gift card in hand (thanks Bill and Judy!) and picked up a much awaited copy of Tara Frey's Blogging for Bliss.

I've been eager to read this book - and now it's mine!  All mine!  Umm, I mean OURS.  Tara has a great blog (no kidding - she wrote the book on it, literally) called Typing Out Loud.

Also, I nabbed Rebecca Yaker's One Yard Wonders which is full of inspiring ideas and projects.

And for Christmas my very own sweetie got me I Love Patchwork, a lovely book featuring a variety of zakka projects by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  I'm very excited about this book as well.

However, my sweety also got me a new copy of my all-time favorite book The Watch That Ends the Night by Canadian Hugh MacLennen.  My copy is presently disintegrating and consequently lives in captivity on my bedroom bookcase.  This is the book I'm most excited about.  I've read it about 10 times and it gets better every time.  Thanks Shawn!

Needless to say, we have some work to do.  Vacations over, we're back at it tonight.  Yippe!

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